From the final curtain to the party afterward

A note from Charlie . .

Now that the finale of The Nanny has shown here in the states, I have received so many warm-hearted e-mails and letters from so many of you that I wanted to be able to acknowledge all of you that have been so kind to write to me.

I have received terrific stories from many of you telling me how The Nanny touched your lives over the last six years. I am proud to have been a part of the show and to have worked with such wonderful people. It is always nice to know that your work is appreciated, and we certainly appreciated the loyalty of all of our fabulous fans!

Many of you have asked how I felt on that final night. Thinking back, it was like a great weight had been lifted ...and yet, it was a weight that brought with it it's own comfort, and friendship, and belonging. I was a free man now, to pursue other adventures, face who knows what challenges, chart my own course for awhile...and yet, nothing could alter the fact that the last six years had been an INCREDIBLE ride and a wonderful opportunity.

I would miss The Nanny as one would miss any relationship that had been so much a part of your life for six years. It had been extraordinary to watch as the show became so integral to so many other people's lives, touched so many people on so many levels. I was proud to have been a part of that. The family was breaking up and going their own separate ways. The "goodbyes" were hard and, yet, swift when they came. Suddenly it was over and I was driving home, just like any other Friday night....and yet, not quite .

I wish I had a picture of every one of the wonderful people that worked on The Nanny to show you, but the night that we taped the finale was very hectic! There was a small party after the taping for everyone that was there that night. We were able to get a few backstage photos then, and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for all of your support of my website and all of your very kindhearted words that you have written to me. I am so delighted to be able to communicate with all of you this way and look forward to continuing many more years of our friendship through the website.

All my best, Charlie

Description of photos from left to right. . .

  • The hospital waiting room.
  • The end of the office.
  • The end of the salon.
  • Another of the salon.
  • Lauren at the party
  • "Oh my God ! The Show's over. . .no more caviar.......I'm going to have to be eating pizza for the rest of my life !!!"
  • " What do you mean they picked us up for a seventh season ?!? "
  • Peter Marc Jacobson before the final curtain call with Rob Sternin and Prudence Fraser, Executive Producers in the front by the railing.
  • Saying goodbye to Renee Taylor.
  • Here I am with Renee, again.
  • This is Bonnie Morley and Dennis Capps. Bonnie was our script supervisor and was responsible for making sure we were doing justice to what was written. Dennis was the Stage Manager / First Asst. Director responsible for everything that went on on the set. A very responsible job that he did with grace, charm and aplomb!
  • With Madeline Zima.
  • This is my darling Terry Gordon who was in charge of men's wardrobe. She took on the job of being "my people" when such an entourage was necessary.
  • Here I am with Fran's parents, Sylvia and Morty Drescher.
  • Lauren and her baby Kate
  • Packing up. . .the living room
  • The dining room. . .last meal

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final6 final7 ll2 living room

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